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About Tulip Table

Tulip Table Every professional designer should have at least one piece of classic and timeless furniture. If I could make a choice I would not hesitate to choose Saarinen's tulip one-leg table. The design purpose of the Tulip series is to reduce the structural parts of the table and chair, the design is inspired by a drop of high viscosity liquid. Saarinen explained“I hope to remove the muddy undersides and intricate legs and feet of traditional tables and chairs” Eero Saarinen (1910-1961) was one of the most creative American architects in the mid-20th century. Born in Finland on August 20, 1910, in a family of artists.His father G·E·Saarinen is an architect and his mother is a sculptor. Saarinen's one-leg tulip...

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About The Chair

The Chair Also known as "Presidential Chair"This chair is the pinnacle of existenceWhy do you say this?It makes the design of Vienna go to the world, and it has become a classic of Danish furniture design.It rarely has hard edges and corners, has smooth and beautiful lines, exquisite details and elegant and simple shapes. The corners are generally processed into smooth curves, giving people a sense of closeness.It was originally designed for people with waist problems and is very comfortable to sit on.It is still popular today, becoming one of the most imitated design works in the world.Its father is Hans Wagner. 1949 Danish design master Hans J.wenger found inspiration from Ming Dynasty furniture in China, refined the penetrating structure,...

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About Our Product

Tomile focuses on making high-quality furniture with attention to detail To make machines for products A good product requires a lot of time and experience in the pre-production stage We don't have many products in our store It's because we pursue the quality of the product, not the quantity Now I will show you the difference between our products and those on the market Our Hind Legs:The hind legs use hot bending technology and the curvature is basically a copy of the original Other Hind Legs:Products on the market due to the use of technology will not be enough curvature or simply thick hind legs can not maintain the original beauty   Our Front Legs:The top of the front leg is...

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