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About The Chair

The Chair

Also known as "Presidential Chair"

This chair is the pinnacle of existence

Why do you say this?

It makes the design of Vienna go to the world, and it has become a classic of Danish furniture design.

It rarely has hard edges and corners, has smooth and beautiful lines, exquisite details and elegant and simple shapes. The corners are generally processed into smooth curves, giving people a sense of closeness.

It was originally designed for people with waist problems and is very comfortable to sit on.

It is still popular today, becoming one of the most imitated design works in the world.

Its father is Hans Wagner.


Danish design master Hans J.wenger found inspiration from Ming Dynasty furniture in China, refined the penetrating structure, and designed a cushion more in line with modern temperament, which was called "the round chair" at that time.


For the first televised presidential debate in American history, John F. KENNEDY and Richard NIXON sat on the "round chair". That night Kennedy became the president of the United States, and this chair became the "presidential chair." Since then, people have called it "The chair".

Since then, this chair has appeared on many official occasions, and members of the Danish royal family often use it to receive foreign guests—it has become a status symbol.

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