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About Our Product

  • Tomile focuses on making high-quality furniture with attention to detail
  • To make machines for products
  • A good product requires a lot of time and experience in the pre-production stage
  • We don't have many products in our store
  • It's because we pursue the quality of the product, not the quantity
  • Now I will show you the difference between our products and those on the market

Our Hind Legs:The hind legs use hot bending technology and the curvature is basically a copy of the original

Other Hind Legs:Products on the market due to the use of technology will not be enough curvature or simply thick hind legs can not maintain the original beauty


Our Front Legs:The top of the front leg is a machine developed by the company itself, the smooth and textured texture produced by professional machines

Other Front Legs:Other companies don't have special machines so they use manual polishing to make the lines unattractive and smooth

Our The back:The strong adhesive force ensures that there will be no unstable adhesive condition. The seam joint repeatedly ensures that a piece of A4 paper cannot be inserted


OtherThe back:The y-shaped backboard of other products is made into V-shaped backboard with insufficient adhesion and large gap

  • For example, there are a lot of details that I won't show you all at once
  • I just want to highlight the details of what we're doing with the product 
  • To show you why you want to buy our products
  • Thank you for watching

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